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Benefits of onion for hair growth and hair fall control

onion for hair growth

We have all heard that the good onion does not even the mother. And it is not known whether it is really useful for health inside the body, but it is very useful for hair. During this time, everyone is experiencing hair loss, hair thinning, and hair follicles becoming weak. While combing or taking a shower, the hair is blowing in piles. And what should be done to keep them strong and to grow new hair?

How is onion useful for hair

There have been some studies on how the onion is useful for hair. In 2002 University of Baghdad College of Medicine of Iraq, researched how the onion is useful for hair. I am going to tell you four important things from this research.

1. Sulfur is very high in onion. Ammonia nitrate is also high. That's why when we cut an onion, the water comes from the eye. When the onion is cut, this sulfur gets into the air, goes into the eyes, and reacts, causing a slight inflammation and watery discharge. The sulfur present in this onion has many benefits. Usually, there is no sulfur in anything! And what kind of benefits does the sulfur present in the onion base bring to the hair follicles? Our hair contains a protein called keratin.

Keratinocytes are present in hair follicles to produce this keratin. That means the tissues that produce keratin. This sulfur is very useful for increasing the keratin present in the hair follicles. It means that this sulfur is very useful for hair growth. If keratin is produced well from those cells, there is a chance for the growth of hair to grow healthy and fast. They have proved that this is the first thing in this sulfur.

2. We have the skin part of the scalp, and under this skin, th