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Are you loss your hair? Don't make these mistakes

hair loss

Everyone wants to grow beautiful thick hair. But, small mistakes made without knowing can lead to hair loss.

Apply oil: Some people don't apply oil before taking a bath because it is oily or they don't have time. If you do this often the hair becomes lifeless. Therefore, mix warm coconut oil or the same amount of castor oil and massage it on your head. Blood flow to the scalp and hair is healthy.

Does not require much time: Various coatings are applied to the hair. Do not keep these for more than half an hour. Otherwise, the hair may become weak and fall out.

Don't wet: Staying with a wet towel for a long time after taking a shower, combing wet hair, and braiding it tightly are mistakes. These make the hair weak. So let it air dry and then comb it gently.

No hair loss

It is common to lose 50 to 100 hairs per day. There is no need to fear that there will be no hair left on the head if it falls out like that. If the hair is falling out, new hairs are born and grow. But since it is not possible to keep counting the hairs falling every day, one thing should be observed to know whether the hairs are falling beyond the requirement or not. If the hair that has always been falling in the same amount suddenly starts falling out in clumps, then it should be recognized as a problem. If malnutrition is the only cause of hair loss, correcting it will cure the problem. If it does not happen, there may be other reasons. Those are