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Are you loss your hair? Don't make these mistakes

hair loss

Everyone wants to grow beautiful thick hair. But, small mistakes made without knowing can lead to hair loss.

Apply oil: Some people don't apply oil before taking a bath because it is oily or they don't have time. If you do this often the hair becomes lifeless. Therefore, mix warm coconut oil or the same amount of castor oil and massage it on your head. Blood flow to the scalp and hair is healthy.

Does not require much time: Various coatings are applied to the hair. Do not keep these for more than half an hour. Otherwise, the hair may become weak and fall out.

Don't wet: Staying with a wet towel for a long time after taking a shower, combing wet hair, and braiding it tightly are mistakes. These make the hair weak. So let it air dry and then comb it gently.

No hair loss

It is common to lose 50 to 100 hairs per day. There is no need to fear that there will be no hair left on the head if it falls out like that. If the hair is falling out, new hairs are born and grow. But since it is not possible to keep counting the hairs falling every day, one thing should be observed to know whether the hairs are falling beyond the requirement or not. If the hair that has always been falling in the same amount suddenly starts falling out in clumps, then it should be recognized as a problem. If malnutrition is the only cause of hair loss, correcting it will cure the problem. If it does not happen, there may be other reasons. Those are

• Hereditary baldness Baldness is inherited in men as well as some women. Such people start losing hair from the age of 18 and before the age of 35, the front of the head becomes bald.

Thyroid: Hypo, Hyper. Hair loss occurs in both thyroid problems.

PCOD: Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome causes hair loss due to hormonal imbalance.

Pregnancy: Hormones increase in the body after delivery stress with new responsibilities as a mother, and lack of sleep can cause hair fall during this phase.

Hair Extensions: Using heavy wigs and extensions can put pressure on the hair and cause it to break.

Hair treatments: Frequent beauty treatments like dyeing and straightening can cause hair loss. Scalp Sores Scalp dandruff can cause sores, fungal infections, and hair loss.

Alopecia: Hair loss also due to lice bites fall off.

Hairstyles: Ponytail hairstyles that pull the hair back tightly, clips that hold the hair in place, and blow out the hair. Except for hereditary baldness, all other problems can be corrected with time and effective treatments, which will reduce shedding and regrow hair.

We should follow two main things

We should pay close attention to two things, the main thing is that the hair should not grow too much, but the hair should grow well from the roots.

1. We used to pour hot water on the scalp. Because we think it is comfortable if hot water is poured or it is still cold in the tank or it is winter. But when it gets hot, the hair follicles get hot and the blood goes back. Due to this heat hitting the hair follicles, the hair follicles are irritated and the hair is blown. That is why the hair is protected from heat. Because too much heat is not good for the hair. Someone thinks if hot water is poured, the body pains will decrease and they will bathe with hot water twice. Now heaters are installed wherever possible and hot water is poured through showers using a solar system. Pouring hot water on the head like this is not good. It is better to pour normal water on the head instead of hot water. It improves blood circulation to the head. Also, the hair gets the oxygen and nutrients it needs. Otherwise, it will go back to the heat. So make sure that the water is lukewarm while taking a bath. But there is no problem for the body if it is hot. We can pour the hot water from the neck to the entire body.

Due to the tension or the pressure we have while working, the scalp gets hot, so if we pour hot water while taking a bath, the scalp will still rise. Therefore, hot water is not good for the head.

2. Give more protein to the hair. Because these proteins help new hair growth when the hair is not falling out. Here is a mechanism that replaces hair follicles 20 times from one hair scalp. In the same place where we have plucked or blown out naturally, new hairs will be repeated 20 times. After 20 times there is no chance. Hair does not come back. If hair also breaks down, it comes again.

If the hair is to grow well or not blow, the blood circulation of the follicles should be good. For this to happen, the hair needs to be properly nourished. Add a meal maker to your diet if you want to get more protein. 100 grams of meal maker contains about 53 grams of protein. Meal maker contains the highest protein. This meal maker is like small balls. We can cook as it is. They also make them into small granules. These granules are also known as soy granules. Get these and cook them thrice or four times a week. These soy granules can be soaked and placed in fry.

It gives us a good supply of proteins. It acts as a fertilizer to add some hair when you wash your hair. We apply fertilizers to grow new plants, the same as it works as a fertilizer for hair. Including this meal maker, we should eat more leafy vegetables. Eating a lot of leafy vegetables helps in blood circulation and increases iron levels greatly. Due to this, the blood circulation to the hair follicles is good. Including these, it is good to take watermelon seeds. It is also high in protein. Those who think they have more rich, take almonds and dry fruits. Watermelon seeds are better if you want to have less cost.

Bottom line

In this way, if you follow the above-mentioned methods, your hair will not fall out and will get healthy nutrients. Eat good food and maintain your health. Our health is in our hands.

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