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Best foods for healthy and strong hair

nutrition for healthy hair

We make various efforts to keep our hair healthy and strong. Many types of oils and shampoos are used for hair care. Not enough that only. Some lifestyle changes should be made. Take these below precautions for healthy hair.

To grow with curd

Do you want to grow thick hair? Try to increase the amount of curd in your diet. Not only proteins but also other nutrients are obtained from this. The blood circulation to the roots is smooth. As a result, the heads grow healthy. Eggs should also be taken. Proteins, iron, and B vitamins especially biotin from eggs make the hair rather than weak.

Spinach that does not crumble

Like all greens, spinach is high in nutrients. In particular, milk contains vitamins A and C, iron, beta carotene, folate, and protein. These nutrients help in healthy hair growth and prevent dryness. If the hair is moist, the crumble problem is more than likely under control.

Without breaking with guava

It is rich in vitamin C. This nutrient prevents hair loss. A cup of guava slices provides more than 300 mg of vitamin C. Try to eat this fruit whenever possible. With iron, hair does not fall. The less iron our body gets. Many people do not realize that the problem of hair loss is increasing. If you are experiencing hair loss, do an iron deficiency test first. After that, take dates, green vegetables, nuts, cereals, and oats which provide iron. If necessary, iron supplements should be taken with the doctor's advice.