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Natural home remedies for dandruff and itchy scalp

dandruff itchy scalp

It is thought that to reduce dandruff in the head, one has to use different shampoos or undergo some types of treatments. But now naturally, you can remove dandruff in just five or six days without using any shampoo or any medicine or treatment.

Reason for dandruff

Do you know what causes dandruff? Dandruff is caused by not taking a head bath. If you head bath two or three days a week and don't clean properly, this cleaning technique can cause dandruff. I will say a reason that it dries up.

Our skin excretes waste. Excess salt, calcium, and waste products are excreted in sweat. Also, the cells on the skin get aged and die. Millions of cells die every day. And it is said that there are dead cell waste, toxins, salts, and excess waste on the skin. All these wastes come out of the skin during the day. We bathe the whole body twice from top to bottom and wash away all the dead cells and wastes. Therefore, our entire body does not get dandruff. And the reason why dandruff occurs on the head is that the head is not bath properly.

Some people take a bath once a week or once in ten days, citing various reasons like hair blowing, catching a cold or not being able to take a bath every day. Such people also feel that the sweat in their heads evaporates. The heat in the head is high because all the water in the sweat evaporates. As the water in the sweat evaporates, the waste in the sweat does not evaporate. Salt doesn't steam, dead cells don't steam, and toxins don't steam either. All these accumulate on the scalp. If these wastes accumulated in the head, they are dried by heat in the head. As waste accumulates day by day, it becomes sticky. Because some oil comes on the head and all these together become gluey. Airborne bacteria get into this glue and cause bacterial infections. All harmful bacteria need a dirty place, so the bacteria in the air can settle in the head and cause infection. Due to this get itch.