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Natural home remedies for dandruff and itchy scalp

dandruff itchy scalp

It is thought that to reduce dandruff in the head, one has to use different shampoos or undergo some types of treatments. But now naturally, you can remove dandruff in just five or six days without using any shampoo or any medicine or treatment.

Reason for dandruff

Do you know what causes dandruff? Dandruff is caused by not taking a head bath. If you head bath two or three days a week and don't clean properly, this cleaning technique can cause dandruff. I will say a reason that it dries up.

Our skin excretes waste. Excess salt, calcium, and waste products are excreted in sweat. Also, the cells on the skin get aged and die. Millions of cells die every day. And it is said that there are dead cell waste, toxins, salts, and excess waste on the skin. All these wastes come out of the skin during the day. We bathe the whole body twice from top to bottom and wash away all the dead cells and wastes. Therefore, our entire body does not get dandruff. And the reason why dandruff occurs on the head is that the head is not bath properly.

Some people take a bath once a week or once in ten days, citing various reasons like hair blowing, catching a cold or not being able to take a bath every day. Such people also feel that the sweat in their heads evaporates. The heat in the head is high because all the water in the sweat evaporates. As the water in the sweat evaporates, the waste in the sweat does not evaporate. Salt doesn't steam, dead cells don't steam, and toxins don't steam either. All these accumulate on the scalp. If these wastes accumulated in the head, they are dried by heat in the head. As waste accumulates day by day, it becomes sticky. Because some oil comes on the head and all these together become gluey. Airborne bacteria get into this glue and cause bacterial infections. All harmful bacteria need a dirty place, so the bacteria in the air can settle in the head and cause infection. Due to this get itch.

Why patches form

Do you know the reason for the patches? When dead cell waste, toxins, and wastes in sweat accumulate on the head and are stored for two or three days, it forms a layer like a clot and a form like a lump. That growing dandruff will grow. They all accumulate and build up because you don't clean them. The reason for itchiness is that the bacteria get there and bacterial infection occurs, and itchiness occurs. Many reasons affect hair, like lack of nutrition. Especially causing dandruff. This is the reason.


The permanent solution for this is no shampoo, no medicine, and no treatment. Bathing is a permanent solution. We did not know these for so many days. Take a head bath every day and you will know how quickly you will recover from dandruff. So take a head to bathe every day. Those who work hard all day come in the evening and bathe their heads. For those who think I don't sweat, I stay in AC in the office and take a head to bathe in the morning. Bathing should be done daily. If you can't do it once, make sure you take a bath every two days. We simply clean our head with shampoo or reetha. But this is not the correct way. Because we think that we have washed perfectly, the dirt on the skin of the head does not go away. If that dirt were gone, we would not have dandruff.

Head bathe techniques

So when we bathe our heads we have to follow some techniques. That is while taking a head bath, first wet the entire head with water and leave it for three to four minutes. In those three to four minutes, rub the whole body well. By then, the amount of swelling in the head will be soaked. Then apply shampoo or saffron juice on the head and massage well on the head with ten fingers of the hand. Make sure the fingers are free of nails. The cow should be massaged to remove all the dirt. By doing this, the dirt on the scalp will be removed and dandruff will not occur. We have made mistakes whether we know it or not. Put an end to such things from now on. Take a shower every day. Parents are used to bathing their children up to their bodies. Otherwise, make it a habit to bathe from the head down. You don't need to shampoo every time you take a head bathe. A shampoo or reetha once or twice a week is sufficient. You can use any shampoo you like. Saffron is even better than shampoo. Works well in getting rid of dandruff. Dandruff will disappear if you shower every day without a shampoo. So check dandruff in a simple natural way without needing any shampoos, medicines, and treatments to get rid of dandruff.

Temporary Tips for Dandruff

For those who cannot do the above, follow these tips to get rid of dandruff. These provide temporary relief but do not prevent dandruff temporarily or may be permanently.

Hibiscus and aloe vera

Hibiscus promotes healthy hair growth. Take a handful of hibiscus flowers, leaves, and a cup of aloe vera pulp and add it to coconut oil and boil it. After cooling, strain it and store it in an airtight container. This oil should be massaged on the scalp every two days. If this is done for at least two months, dandruff will be controlled. Reduces hair loss.

Rose petals and curry leaves

Take a bunch of rose petals, a cup each of gram flour, curry leaves, castor oil, and coconut oil, and boil it. Once the mixture is half done, store it in a bottle. This oil should be massaged on the head. Then it is better to take a bath for an hour. Hair grows healthy. Dandruff can be cured.

Gourd powder and hibiscus flower powder

Do this when dandruff is bothering you. Mix six parts of gourd powder, hibiscus flower powder, one spoon of eucalyptus oil, lemon juice, and one cup of coconut milk in a bowl. Soak it for a while and apply it to your head. Take a head to bathe hourly. Doing this at least once a week will give results.

Aloe vera and egg albumen

Take some aloe vera and one egg. Mix both combinations of egg albumen and aloe vera in a bowl. Apply this mixer to your scalp and leave it for around 20 – 30 minutes, then wash your scalp as usual by using less concentrated shampoo. In this mixer, albumen contains omega-3 fatty acids. This combination fights dandruff on your scalp. It can help to remove dandruff.

Aloe vera and neem

Take the required aloe vera and neem leaves, add them to a bowl and make it as a past as well as gel. Apply it to your scalp and leave it for 20 – 30 minutes and then wash as usual. This is an effective way to fight with dandruff.

Aloe vera and lemon juice

Add one or two spoons of lemon juice to the required amount of aloe vera. Mix well both of them and apply to your scalp then wash as usual with a mild shampoo. Lemon juice contains citric acid which acts as a key role in it. It can help rid of dandruff. Doing this two times a week can get a good result.

Egg and lemon juice

Take one egg and 1 or 2 spoons of lemon juice. Mix the albumen and lemon juice of them and apply them to your scalp then wash after 20 – 30 minutes. It is also one of the remedies to rid of dandruff. It can help you to get a good result.

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