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WhatsApp updates new futures

whatsapp updates

It has been a long time since WhatsApp became a platform for both; personal and official messaging. As the popularity is immense, it naturally attracts the attention of criminals. WhatsApp has become an easy conduit for deceiving the innocent. Phishing links have become routine for some people to steal money from bank accounts. In this context, WhatsApp has already taken protective measures to protect users. WhatsApp says that if you not only know them but also practice them, you can avoid the dangers. Explained how to avoid these dangers by using them.

WhatsApp is safe if you do like this

• The first of these is Disappearing Messages. Individual and group chat messages are sent at specified intervals. Views are also one. They disappear once opened. WhatsApp also removes the screenshot facility for such things.

• Two-step verification must be needed. Thus, WhatsApp provides another level of security. A six-digit PIN is required when resetting or verifying an account. With this verification, you can be alert when the SIM card is lost or someone steals the phone.

• WhatsApp has a facility to block unnecessary contacts. You can report problematic messages to WhatsApp. There is also the possibility of sharing with fact checkers or enforcement authorities in case of inappropriate messages.

• Sensitive information such as addresses, phone numbers, passwords, credit/debit card numbers, and bank account information should not share with unknown persons.

• Users have access to controls over personal information. Options include Profile Photo, Last Seen, Online Status, Amount, Status, and Who Viewed. Everyone, Contacts Only, Select Contact, Nobody. Sharing a profile picture with someone new is never a good idea.

• Online productions can be controlled. When the user is online, he can choose who can see and who can not see.

• Internet is home to spam messages, cyberbullying, and fraud. There are many types of scams, including fake job offers and cash prize messages. Invitations for sponsored trips are coming from unknown numbers. The message contains a website link or access request. This not only sends malware but also opens the door to fraud. WhatsApp has the option to report a specific message if it receives the same WhatsApp. For that, a user can report or block a message by long-pressing that message.

• Download and install WhatsApp from the official source only. download for desktop, same for a phone. Download from Apple Store or Google Play Store.

Call Links feature

The call Links feature comes from WhatsApp which satisfies the users with something new from time to time. A direct link to both audio and video calls will be created with this feature. Also preparing for 32 participants in plus video call very soon. Call Links are just like a normal call. But the members in the call can also connect others with this feature. It will appear in the WhatsApp chat list calls tab on Android and iOS platforms. Scheduled or instant voice and video calls can be made to friends, relatives, and other people at any time. If this call link is not used within 90 days, this facility will expire. App downloads will be redirected for those who don't want this link. Encrypted call with 32 people has been tested since this April. Currently, there are eight people in this facility. But WhatsApp competitor Telegram is allowing thousands of people. Also, WhatsApp has recently put the communities feature in testing. If it becomes available, admins can create a community with multiple groups.

Update Quick

WhatsApp discovered two bugs on the 23rd of this month. Daramola advises all users to switch from the old version to the new version, WhatsApp has given an explanation to this extent on the security advisories page. Named Veera-2022-36834 and Navie-2022-27482, both affected WhatsApp and Business on Android and iOS. The first of these is 9.8 out of 10 points and the second is high risk at 7.8. Both of these bugs also allow a bad actor to commit an error. A blished video call or specially crafted video file is inserted. In this context, WhatsApp suggested switching to the new version immediately.

New Futures

WhatsApp is always updated with updates. It provides new experiences and opportunities to the users. This time seven features are available simultaneously. WhatsApp for Android, iOS, and Desktops has announced new features in the beta.

• Brings advanced features to control WhatsApp storage. The old stories usage section was grabbed for this from a different entry point.

• WhatsApp Beta – iOS Update Latest version can be installed to see previous group participants. At the end of the list is a new option. In the sixty days that have passed since then, someone has left or been removed from the group. can know Enabling the feature will allow all members of the group to view it. That means this facility is not limited to group admin only. Past group participants' details are being released to some of the Android beta testers. In addition to this, the admin can see who is leaving the participants in the chat event.

• WhatsApp is also releasing Android Staten Reactions. People's reactions will be known if they choose one of the eight available emojis for this. These emojis include a smiling face with heart-eyes, a face with tears of joy, a face with an open mouth, a crying face, folded hands, clapping hands, a party popper, hundred points.

• Dropping the twee (like Gilles) version to fit the occasion. WhatsApp Beta for Windows includes spelling action.

• Also working on a new security feature called Login Approval. This can be said for another level of security. But it will be available in future.

• WhatsApp is currently working on an option to specify who can see their phone number in a particular group.

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