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Simple way to know google keybord short cuts

google keyboard

Having opportunities is one thing, but making good use of them is another thing. For any work to do smartly, one must know the inclination. For example, Google Docs is a very important web-based productivity tool. It is also completely free. This online word processor works for tasks ranging from document creation to editing. It is a combination of many functionalities and commands. But keyboard shortcuts not only make things easier but also save time. That is.

Alt+Page Left or Alt+Page Right can rotate the image to classicize or counter clear size. Press Control + Shift + V (English letter) together to paste any text without formatting. Control Shift S + Voice Typing tools can be used. Pressing that combination will switch on the microphone. So that every word spoken is typed. A document can replace a word by pressing Control Shift H together. But this shortcut involves replacing every word in the entire document. But it can't.

1. You can check the number of words in a document by pressing Control Shift + C together.

2. Press Control + F to quickly find specified text.

3. You can insert a link with text headings into a document by pressing Control + K together. With this, other than you can also click on the text heading and open the link.

4. Control + Shift + E can bring the text to the center of the document. It is enough to press Control, Shift, and L/R together to move the text left or right.

5. Press Control + O to open the file

6. If you press Control + Y together there is no need to repeat the old command. Press Control Alt U and all suggested edits will be available. All of them can be reviewed.

7. Press Control + Shift + Y to find out the meaning of the selected text.

8. Control + Shift + Alt + R will show all live edits available in the document at once. You can add your comment to the record by pressing the Control Alt key together.

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