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Do you know about Chat GPT ? And How to it impact in future?

Chat GPT

A mother's advice (in English): 'Do you have any new ideas to celebrate our baby's first birthday?'

B.Tech boy's doubt: 'Javascript How to make a request?' HTTP

A young man's request: 'Would you please write a love letter to my girlfriend?'

Film Enthusiast: 'Can you help me with a good script?'

Anyone asks anything like this. That says that is typing letters and sentences in seconds. Taming humans with artificial intelligence 'doubt? Chatbots are rushing in front of us saying, 'Here's the answer.' One of them is 'Chat GPT'. It created a sensation with its arrival and got millions of users worldwide. Chat GPT has become a challenge even to the biggest search engines that have been reigning over the internet for years. What is it?

'Google Assistant, 'Siri' 'And Alexa' we know all this. Whether we want to make a phone call to others, if we need navigation, and if we want to know information on the internet, we use these. And, if you open Google, you will find the answer to every doubt. To understand 'How many people died in the earthquake in Syria?' As soon as you type. Google indicates the websites where that informati