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Do you know about Chat GPT ? And How to it impact in future?

Chat GPT

A mother's advice (in English): 'Do you have any new ideas to celebrate our baby's first birthday?'

B.Tech boy's doubt: 'Javascript How to make a request?' HTTP

A young man's request: 'Would you please write a love letter to my girlfriend?'

Film Enthusiast: 'Can you help me with a good script?'

Anyone asks anything like this. That says that is typing letters and sentences in seconds. Taming humans with artificial intelligence 'doubt? Chatbots are rushing in front of us saying, 'Here's the answer.' One of them is 'Chat GPT'. It created a sensation with its arrival and got millions of users worldwide. Chat GPT has become a challenge even to the biggest search engines that have been reigning over the internet for years. What is it?

'Google Assistant, 'Siri' 'And Alexa' we know all this. Whether we want to make a phone call to others, if we need navigation, and if we want to know information on the internet, we use these. And, if you open Google, you will find the answer to every doubt. To understand 'How many people died in the earthquake in Syria?' As soon as you type. Google indicates the websites where that information is available. One can open any of them and find out.

'How many Nizams ruled Hyderabad?' For such questions, you can go to Wikipedia. And why 'Chat GPT' when there are so many ways to get information? What is needed? What makes it special? Doubt arises. Yes, it has many features. It's unique to search and get information in a chatting way that is dear to the new generation. Searching in a kind interactional manner means getting the required information. It said that 'Chat GPT' has opened a new trend as the fastest and most convenient tool.

Chat GPT means

It is a revolutionary artificial intelligence system. Works with advanced mission learning technology. It can answer any questions. Can write speeches, marketing strategies, news articles, and essays. Chat GPT can ask any question in text form. Answers that question very quickly and in detail. Because a huge database is stored in Chat GPT. History, science, technology, computer languages, coding, mathematics, cosmology, languages, literature, cultural subjects, health, cuisine, and lifestyle topics. No matter what. It puts the information in front of us in the form of text while typing carefully. It means that it is as easy as someone has written for us!

Chat GPT is brought by a company called 'OpenAI'. It is an American Artificial Intelligence Research NGO. Founded in 2015 by Sam Alton. A Stanford University dropout, he created and sold a social networking app called Loopt. Later, in 2015, he founded 'Open AI' to research artificial intelligence. It was in this context that the company created Chat GPT. Microsoft, Tesla, and LinkedIn have invested in it. But Tesla, led by Elon Musk, left. Currently, Microsoft is the main investor. In 2020, Chat GPT was brought to market by Open AI. The 3.2 version was released in November of last year brought. It got an overwhelming response in no time. While watching, the users reached lakhs and crores.

How to use Chat GPT

Chat GPT chating text

You can log in by entering the basic details on the Chat GPT website. Or you can also log in with a Google account. Very easy. As soon as the website is opened, the questions should be entered in the search box. The conversion is like chatting. Answers will appear within moments. Information comes as text that appears on the monitor while typing. If we feel enough, we can stop. We can ask another new question. Information can also be the copy. Chat GPT is free for now. But soon, the professional version will come with the subscription. Chat GPT is very different from Google Search. If you search anything on Google, you will get answers in the form of various platform links. If we open them but don't find what we want. The same chat GPT collects the exact answer to your search and presents it as an article in one place. We are not tasked like Google to sift through thousands of pages before us. Currently, Chat GPT is available in almost a hundred languages. Its accuracy is higher in English as compared to other languages. If we ask in Telugu, we are troubled by meaningless words and sentence structures. Regional languages are still under development. The company is making preparations to reduce such situation in future.


Chat GPT-3 latest was made available in November last year. It became popular all over the world within two months of its arrival. Chat GPT, which gives details in conversion language has been liked by most people in a short time. It is the reason why millions of people love it so much. It is creating unexpected sensations to reach the netizens of the world.

Instagram is holding records that are not possible for Tik Tok. Day by day more and more users are attracted to Chat GPT which works with Artificial Intelligence (AI). So much so to reach 100 million (10 crores) users within two months of launch. According to a report released by 'SimilarWeb'. The app gained 13 million daily users in January this year. In a way that was not possible for big companies including Instagram (2.5 years) and Tik Talk (9 months), Chat GPT achieved the milestone of 100 million within two months.

We have already said that communication in this is in the form of conversation. Its specialty is the dynamic response. Responds to almost all types of writing. Responds to theoretical, and mathematical solutions and stories. This chat GPT uses GPT-3.5 language technology. This sophisticated intelligence model is trained to use resources from various sources as needed. It can build even complex Python code. Also able to create college-level essays as per requirement. Getting close to the students by answering their doubts. I am studying engineering. Chat GPT solves many doubts regarding my studies. For me, it is used to detect coding errors related to C and Java." said Ajay Kumar from Hyderabad.

Even Google Gmail founder Paul Bachit recently said that chat can damage Google within two years. In this process, the discussion started that the technology has overtaken Google. Even Google felt that it would not be able to stand up if it did not adopt such a change. Google has made an innovation to compete with this. This company, which has been working on AI for the last six years, is finally introducing 'Bard'. Google CEO Sundar Pichai said at one point that this is an experimental conversational AI service and the company is based on LMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications). Initially, it will be released as a lightweight model and will provide maximum responses to more users with less computer capacity.

At present, it has been made available only to a few people, but after performance and examination, it will be made widely available within a year. Google says they want to make Bard a fearless, responsible service. There are reports that Microsoft is also bringing an AI to chatbot that works with its search engine Bing. "Introducing artificial intelligence deep technology 'Bard. From doctors diagnosing diseases faster to providing information to people in their language. We have been working on a new artificial service through Language Model for Dialogue Application (LAMDA) for the last two years. We call this new AI technology Bard.

It is a step forward in the field of internet technology. Soon it will be available to everyone. " said Google CEO Sundar Pichai. Bard will be impressed with the latest technology. It can extract information from Wikipedia, online magazines, and books. It can answer our questions in moments.

What is the difference between the two?

Both Chat GPT and Bard have the same objective. It clears the doubts of netizens. If the Chat GPT provides the information already available on the Internet in the required manner, the Bard receives the information from the Web. Sundar Pichai said that children can easily learn complex topics related to science through this. From NASA's James Webb Space Telescope to who is the best football player, you can know everything through a beard.

An even better version of the current chatbot is the Chat GPT (Generative Pre-Trained Transformer). It works with reinforcement learning techniques. Get feedback using machine learning techniques. Not only that, but the agent learning action is all mixed up. Compared to Google, the answer to the question is not in the form of links with multiple answers. If we search in Google, we have to open the links and find what we want. If the relevant information is stored in the same Chat GPT, it will be displayed directly without any pretensions. Which is the capital of India? If you ask, will get straightforward information like New Delhi.

Time saving

It saves time. The matter will be known immediately. There are limitations also. Since chatbots work with artificial intelligence, they don't have the discretion of right or wrong. Eight billion documents have been prepared when it comes to ChatGPT. When the user asks a question, it links all the words based on the data points in this database. The user goes into the search box and displays his content based on the keywords typed. When we ask what is 7+5, the answer is 12. But what you said is wrong. Suppose we say the answer is 10. No, the answer is 12 again. You are wrong. Suppose we say for the second time that what you said is wrong, then it says sorry, I will try to correct it. But it does not stop there. If 7+5 = 10, not just one of us, but billions of users around the world give the same wrong answer, the calculation situation will be different. The majority of users take the signals as standard and store the wrong answer in its database. There is a chance of some mistakes in many subjects.

Helpful for all

If we want to go on a tour, We depend on tour operators to go anywhere. Or we take advice from those who have seen the tourist spot we want to visit. None of this is necessary now. Just ask Chate GPT. She will tell you about the desired tour. For example, if you type in English in the search box, I want to go to a cool place for a week this summer. It gives us a good plan for the days of stay including the name of the nearest suitable place. It gives point-wise and easy understanding. Just read it and you will understand all the details of the tour. An understanding is formed. If the students ask if they want information about a particular university, Chate GPT will tell them to check the details. Not only one thing Chat GPT gives many things whatever you need. If you type like this, I am a mother of two, age 40, and need a diet to lose weight. It tells a good diet plan. If you want to know these details on Google, you have to open various websites and read the information. Chat GPT will give the details point-wise whatever you ask. It does not waste time. The required details are available immediately. My baby comes home from school and needs to prepare breakfast for him in minutes. What do you want to do? I asked charity. Within moments, it suggested a lot of dishes. What could be more comfortable? Until now, time was enough to search for recipes on the Internet, said thirty-five-year-old Shirisha. He is now a big fan of Chat GPT. Their daughter also solves any doubt in the curriculum with chat GPT.

Brain and Machine

Chatbots have both good and bad. Knowledge can be increased with these. Information can be stolen. There is a possibility that some students write essays with the chatbot and claim that they have written them on their own. Nothing to say about homework. Chat GPT makes even the most difficult homework given by teachers easy for students. For example, if any math question is entered, show the solution step by step. It also completely corrects essay writing and grammar mistakes. It gives answers to all questions like scientific theories, history, etc. Due to this, there is concern that Chat GPT will reduce the thinking power of students. Also, there are chances to cheat in exams. For this reason, the use of Chat GPT was banned in schools in New York. It is an undeniable truth that Chat GPT can be useful for education if used in the right way.

The fact that Chat GPT easily passed the United States Medical Licensing Exam and the Bar, which is said to be one of the toughest exams in the world, can understand its power. So we cannot deny the ever-changing technology. On the other hand, if the atmosphere of such chatbots continues like this, gradually, the way of thinking of people and other living and intellectual skills will decrease. This question is not chat GPT. Only tomorrow will answer. Let's wait.

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