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How to prevent computer from freezing while playing games

Playing a game with others on the computer, suddenly the PC freezes for 50 milliseconds. That's how they lost the game. In such situations, anyone feels sad. And how to ensure that the computer does not freeze while playing games?

Without internet problems

This is important to ensure that the internet speed is stable and there is no delay in the signal. You can know the speed by opening a web browser and going to speed testing services like or Make sure you have enough internet speed. 10 Mbps speed is enough for most games. But 50-100 Mbps speed is mandatory if you want full video streaming. A delay of milliseconds is a win. Changing the WiFi network ensures the router is close to the gaming computer. By connecting the computer and the router with a cable, you can ensure that the Internet signal and speed are stable. If there is any difference, you may have to change the internet provider.

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Block unnecessary apps

If any apps are consuming the memory and processing power used by the game, the speed will slow down. It is better to close all browser windows and unnecessary chat apps. Many game lovers think it is better to turn off antivirus and internet security solutions even if they are not related to the game. Some should be tied permanently. This is the only problem with uninstalling. will occur in Memory and processing too. You can take the help of Windows Task Manager to find out which app is using the most power. The more details clicking the button will show all the running programs. Close all programs that are using a lot of memory and CPU.

Games video settings better

The game is using too many resources the graphics card does not provide enough processing power to fully enjoy the fun of the game. The problem can be reduced to some extent by setting a lower detail level to better game video settings and reducing game settings resolution. If the game settings support it then the APS indicator should be switched on. For online games, more than 60 fps is better.

Antivirus properly

Some game enthusiasts feel it is better to turn off antivirus and internet security solutions. Some even uninstall permanently. Not really useful, slow down the game. An antivirus should be installed especially for gaming, which does not affect the speed of the PC. Also, the PC should cleanly set the time to scan only when the game is not being played. Gaming mode should be enabled. It turns on automatically when a full-screen app is running. Does not perform a full scan of the PC and does not update the database. So there is no disturbance.

Keep an eye on the power settings

It is suitable for laptops but also important for computers. Make sure to play on AC power. The best performance mode should be enabled. The easiest way to do this is to click the battery icon in the taskbar and move the side to the right

The 'Performance' settings will appear.

Windows Update properly

Some Windows 10 subsystems can run in the background and cause sudden slowdowns. Especially when downloading and installing any Windows update, the performance of the PC drops significantly. Therefore, the schedule should be set so that the game is updated before playing. Open Windows 10 Settings and go to Windows Update and click on Change Active Hours. Setting this will prevent the PC from restarting at that time.

Clean PC

Computer speed is decreasing day by day. The main reason for this is the loss of junk files and apps, so it is good to clean temporary files and archives from time to time, delete unnecessary documents, and install other games. Apps like PC Cleaner help with this.

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