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How to make hair straight and silky naturally

silky hair

Hair loss is a problem for many women. Various shampoos are used to reduce this problem but sometimes, the result is not seen. Then you can have full and strong locks of hair made at home.

With reetha

Take a quarter cup each of saffron powder, Acacia concinna powder, and anise seed powder in a small bowl. Mix them well. Add hot water or hot green tea to it before washing your hair. The hair pack is ready. Apply it to the hair and wash it off after 2-3 minutes.

The powder of limes in this mixture makes the hair shine like silk. Prevents graying of hair. Saffron powder promotes fuller hair growth and removes dandruff. Gives coolness to the calf. Aniseed powder helps in hair growth.

Rose water

Adding a little rose water to the shampoo makes the hair silky and smooth.


If you add a little salt to the shampoo and apply it to the scalp, the dead cells will be removed and the scalp will be healthy.

Green tea

If green tea is mixed with shampoo and applied to the hair, hair will grow well.

Aloe vera

If you want your hair to grow thick, add a little bit of aloe vera to your shampoo and take a bath.

Rice water

To keep the hair from becoming weak, you should add a little rice water to the shampoo you use.


Add a little honey to the shampoo, mix it well and apply it to the scalp and take a bath to make your hair silky.

Coconut oil

If you want your hair to shine like silk, apply two to three spoons of coconut oil after it gets a little hot and sticky, massage it with your fingers, and cover it with a shower cap for 20 minutes. Even if the residue is less, wash the shampoo with cold water.

Onion juice

Take onion juice in a bowl and mix two or three essential lavender oil in it and gently massage it on your scalp for fifteen minutes and then wash it off. By doing this, the hair becomes shiny.

Olive oil

Heat two or three drops of olive oil like coconut oil. When the nail is warm, apply it on the scalp, massage it and cover it with a shower cap for 20 minutes. Even if the dandruff is less, if you wash off the shampoo with cold water, the hair will shine like silk.

Shea butter

Shea butter plays a vital role in making the hair silky and smooth. It is also used in many different shampoo products. It has the property of making the hair moist and soft. This can also be mixed thinly in the oil you use daily. Or if you have raw shea butter, apply it to the scalp and wash it off with a mild shampoo after an hour. Doing it this way will result in better fertility.


Fenugreek is very beneficial in keeping hair healthy. Boil some fenugreek seeds with coconut oil to make your hair shiny. Apply the oil on the scalp and massage it, leave it overnight, and do a head bath in the morning. If you do this, you will have good fertility.


Take a cup of curd and add two to three tablespoons of olive oil and three to four drops of lavender essential oil to make a paste and apply it to the scalp with the help of a brush. Cover with a towel for 15 or 20 minutes and then wash with cold water. By doing this, the hair becomes shiny.

Apple cider vinegar

Apart from apple cider vinegar pickle, it also helps in making hair shiny. Mix equal amounts of apple cider vinegar and water in a bowl and pour into a spray bottle without mixing. When using a hair conditioner, rinse with apple cider vinegar solution and rinse with water after fifteen minutes. By doing this, the hair will become shiny. Vinegar has a bad smell, so 2 or 3 drops of essential oil can be added to it for fragrance.

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