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How to increase immune system

immunity increasing food

Covid-19 has taught many lessons. It taught me many things, from how to avoid getting infected by the virus to how effectively deal with the infection. All emphasized the importance of ways to strengthen immunity. We are not unknown. Since always have been. Sickness reminded them all once again. The need for these is not enough now. These are not limited to one Covid. It is mandatory to be a part of eternal life. Most infections can be avoided with these simple principles. And get a good health.

Get vaccinated

The flu virus changes every year. Resistance to past vaccinations is developing. In addition to this, now the coronavirus has also been added. We are seeing the consequences of this. The more people who receive the flu vaccine and the Covid vaccine (booster vaccine), the more herd immunity will be achieved. Diseases are reduced.

Sugar as little as possible

Like alcohol, sugar impairs the ability of white blood cells to function. With this weakens the ability to fight bacteria and viruses. So be careful with sugar. Females should aim for six spoons a day and males for nine spoons. Be aware that a normal cold drink contains ten spoons of sugar.

Stop biting nails

Remember where your hands touched throughout the day. If there are bacteria and viruses there, they stick to the hands. If you put your hands in your mouth without washing them, touch your eyes or bite your nails, it is like bringing danger. Harmful germs enter the gut through the mouth, nose, and eyes. Therefore hands should not be touched to the face without washing with soap. If you have a habit of biting your nails, stop immediately.