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Meet The GPT-4-Powered Video Maker That Writes, Records, AND
Generates Profit-Producing Videos For ANY Niche!

Instantly create whiteboard sales videos, squeeze page videos, product promos, tutorials, vertical "shorts", local business ads, and more...

ALL with an Agency License so you can use this for clients too!


Use this cuttUse this cutting-edge AI secret weapon to boost your own business, or start a profitable agency

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Click a button and choose which kind of video you want: sales video, business ad, product promo, explainer/tutorial, squeeze page content, or informational video.

Give it a keyword, product, or niche, and it will instant write the script AND create your slides.

For vertical videos - Go to the AI Shorts Maker, select from 100+ editable vertical video templates in 11 niches and create gorgeous vertical videos that are social media ready.

You can also create fast-and-easy slideshow videos from a variety of sources:


  • Using keyword search - instantly fetch stock images for any keyword.

  • Using images from anywhere on the web. Just paste the URLs.

  • Using your own pictures or slides. Upload them all at once.

  • Using an existing video. Upload and edit it within the tool.

You can optionally edit your videos with the built-in editing tool to change voiceovers, add background music, add text, add watermarks, crop it, adjust speed, overlay images and more.

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