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Healthy chutneys for immunity boosting

Many types of health problems are faced during the rainy season. Health experts say that if the immunity is strong, no such problems will occur. Let's learn how to make some immunity-boosting pickles.

Orange leaf chutney

orange leaf chutney


Orange leaves-6,

Coconut husk- one cup,

Red chili-4,

Tamarind- quantity of small amla,

Ajwain- quarter teaspoon,

Salt- sufficient

Preparation Method

Roast coconut and red chili separately in a pan. Wash the orange leaves well and remove the pips. For these leaves, add the roasted coconut husk, red chili, tamarind, and ajwain in a mixer and grind it finely. Add enough salt. This vegetable is rich in Vitamin C. This pickle is very good with curd rice.