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Is 5G Technology creates the new trends

Heard about 5G telemedicine reading about metaverse. Virtual reality, nanotechnology, the internet things many new things. That doesn't make any sense - do you want to..! I don't want that confusion now. It is time to see their benefits in practice. 5G, which has been troubling technology lovers for some time, is finally will available. Let's see what the experts say is the world-changing technology and quantum leap!

5G Technology

Ravi's younger sister called from the village after eating and watching TV after nine in Hyderabad. The girl was about to say something like a brother... to mother. When she hung up the phone. Ravi immediately dialed his sister's phone. The engaged tone is coming for a while saying not reachable. Ravi is tensed as she stops the sentence mid-sentence saying mother Ravi is tense. If you dial mom's number, the switch-off is coming. She said that her husband had gone on a tour. It was theirs. Near Visakhapatnam Agency area. Because of that, the network is not good or the phone is often disconnected. I have never had this problem before because I used to meet something when I was changing my sister and sister. The younger sister did not pick up the WhatsApp call. Trying not to stop for half an hour while being confused, she met her younger sister again. She said that she did not check WhatsApp while giving rice to the children. My sister told me that mom was coming to Hyderabad and had taken a train ticket on Saturday night. Ravi told his younger sister about the trouble he went through for half an hour while making the call and advised him to keep the phone near the phone and check the messages and WhatsApp calls frequently until the call drop problem subsides. If we do, we get frustrated by waiting for half an hour to connect, it takes half an hour to download a single movie, and when the results of children's exams come out, the server goes down and we have to tense to check the result, when we go to a grocery store and do Google Pay or Phonepay, our account gets minus money and the transaction stops in the middle of the transaction. .. There are many network problems that we often face. Opening up to all these and bringing many more new facilities to us is the fifth-generation telecommunication system. Airtel, Jio, and Vodafone Idea are going to launch 5G services. Let's see what changes it can bring.

The real thing

It means generation. The growth of this wireless telecommunication system is measured in generations. If not. Unlike humans, it reached the fifth generation within forty years. In this background, it is interesting to know how the smartphone in our hands started and reached this stage. In 1979, the Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Company introduced the first mobile phone to Tokyo Pass. By 1984, Japan created history by providing 1G service across the country. After that companies like Motorola brought that technology to all countries. Although it was a revolutionary change in those days, speech on the phone could not be heard properly. Extreme roaming, security, don't know. The download speed is only 24 kbps.

However, seeing the popularity of 1G, Finland launched 2G on th