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Is 5G Technology creates the new trends

Heard about 5G telemedicine reading about metaverse. Virtual reality, nanotechnology, the internet things many new things. That doesn't make any sense - do you want to..! I don't want that confusion now. It is time to see their benefits in practice. 5G, which has been troubling technology lovers for some time, is finally will available. Let's see what the experts say is the world-changing technology and quantum leap!

5G Technology

Ravi's younger sister called from the village after eating and watching TV after nine in Hyderabad. The girl was about to say something like a brother... to mother. When she hung up the phone. Ravi immediately dialed his sister's phone. The engaged tone is coming for a while saying not reachable. Ravi is tensed as she stops the sentence mid-sentence saying mother Ravi is tense. If you dial mom's number, the switch-off is coming. She said that her husband had gone on a tour. It was theirs. Near Visakhapatnam Agency area. Because of that, the network is not good or the phone is often disconnected. I have never had this problem before because I used to meet something when I was changing my sister and sister. The younger sister did not pick up the WhatsApp call. Trying not to stop for half an hour while being confused, she met her younger sister again. She said that she did not check WhatsApp while giving rice to the children. My sister told me that mom was coming to Hyderabad and had taken a train ticket on Saturday night. Ravi told his younger sister about the trouble he went through for half an hour while making the call and advised him to keep the phone near the phone and check the messages and WhatsApp calls frequently until the call drop problem subsides. If we do, we get frustrated by waiting for half an hour to connect, it takes half an hour to download a single movie, and when the results of children's exams come out, the server goes down and we have to tense to check the result, when we go to a grocery store and do Google Pay or Phonepay, our account gets minus money and the transaction stops in the middle of the transaction. .. There are many network problems that we often face. Opening up to all these and bringing many more new facilities to us is the fifth-generation telecommunication system. Airtel, Jio, and Vodafone Idea are going to launch 5G services. Let's see what changes it can bring.

The real thing

It means generation. The growth of this wireless telecommunication system is measured in generations. If not. Unlike humans, it reached the fifth generation within forty years. In this background, it is interesting to know how the smartphone in our hands started and reached this stage. In 1979, the Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Company introduced the first mobile phone to Tokyo Pass. By 1984, Japan created history by providing 1G service across the country. After that companies like Motorola brought that technology to all countries. Although it was a revolutionary change in those days, speech on the phone could not be heard properly. Extreme roaming, security, don't know. The download speed is only 24 kbps.

However, seeing the popularity of 1G, Finland launched 2G on the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) network in 1991. Its speed is 50 kbps. This is the only way to send content from one phone to another. SMS and MMS have become new means of communication. Basic smartphone functionality starts from here. The use of cell phones has increased. So in 2001, Docomo company started a 3G facility in Japan. It is capable of transferring data four times faster (2 Mbps) than 2G. International roaming and emails have become easier. The ability to browse the Internet and listen to songs are the highlights of 3G. Blackberry and Apple companies started manufacturing smartphones. They became popular with the advent of the iPhone and the demand for data increased, leading to the fourth generation with a speed of 12.5 Mbps. Canada launched the first LTE wireless network in 2011. Gradually its speed also reached 30 Mbps. The use of social media, high-speed streaming, gaming, and interactive apps has started. But technology is always evolving. There is no limit to the use of the phone. With that, there is a need for a faster network, which is 5G.

What are its features

This fifth generation started in 2019. Telecom providers in South Korea have made it available to be 20 times faster than 4G. It works so fast that you don't have to wait even a moment for downloading and uploading. Now it takes 50 to 100 milliseconds to do the work. With 5G it is expected to decrease to milliseconds. Gradually, it is said to be able to work a hundred times faster than this. It must be said that 5G is not only for internet speed but also for downloading movies. 5G stands for – efficiency, durability, security, trust, intelligent machines, and new standards. Anbu Tulni is a tool that can take the human experience to a new level. From the home to the office, from medicine to agriculture, the energy that can affect all sectors, the strange things that have been seen here and there only experimentally, are now going to be a reality. Artificial intelligence where machines think and make decisions by themselves, the Internet of things where different machines or tools communicate with each other and work in harmony, virtual reality, augmented reality, etc. This is the way for everything to come into our eternal being. It didn't stop there, research is being done in other countries to see what else can be done with it.

In which countries

By the end of last July, 5G was available in more than 70 countries. All the countries are also offering these services in some select cities but no one is offering it all over the country yet. China has the highest number of 5G services in 356 cities followed by 296 cities. America, the Philippines, South Korea, Canada, Spain, Italy, Germany, Britain, and Saudi Arabia are providing 5 facilities in 50 to 100 cities. These services will be available only in a few cities in our country.

The whole country can be given once

It is not that easy. Since most cell towers and 5G capable phones are in cities, this facility will be provided there first. Gradually expand to other areas. How the actual mobile network works - Each area is divided into small parts (cells). A mobile phone is called a cell phone because all the phones in each cell are connected to a tower. When talking on the phone, the sound waves travel through this cell tower into radio waves. Although we are number one in the world with 7 lakh cell towers, many areas still have a network problems. It is a situation where you have to climb the water tank just to talk on the phone. It is not so easy to provide such a 5G network. At present only 4G towers are being used, but separate towers will have to be built for 5G. Fabrication is also increased. By doing all these things, within two years, the whole country is to be expanded. ambition per square km. 5G can connect ten times more devices than 4G, so if the work starts, it can be made available to more people quickly. Also, users who are still using 2G and 3G phones will have to switch to 4G.

Will phone charges go up?

Data is currently very cheap in our country as compared to foreign countries, according to the data of TRAI, there are more than 114 crore mobile subscribers in the country, but the income from them is very less than in other countries. Data usage is growing exponentially every year but the average monthly income from a user is only Rs.178 (that's for Airtel. It's still less for others). The government says that there is no possibility of any major change in charges even if 5G comes. But since 5G is not just a matter of phone use... it will be the main tool for development in many other fields... and the welcome doors to the new golden world will be opened next... experts assure. That's why everyone is waiting for it to happen..!

Everything will change

The most advanced wireless technology ever developed is 5G. If it becomes available...


Enormous faster data transfer, upload, and download are possible. No buffering is involved.


Now many people are buying big high-end TVs (7,680x4,320 pixels). Their full potential will be seen in 5G. People who play VR games used to watch matches like cricket and tennis. But can be completely immersed in them. One can feel that one is looking at the ground. Extremely fast processing of multiple types of data gives a real-time experience without a single moment of delay. Now, the smart home concept that has been around for many years can be put into practice. All the devices in the house can be adapted to operate anywhere with the phone.


As much as the medical field has developed in the last hundred years, experts say that after 5G comes, it will see many times more development within ten years. Smart medicine and telemedicine, which have been talked about for years, will now be available. The patient can stay at home and consult the doctor in the hospital via video. Do not go to the hospital unless it is an emergency. Hiring an ambulance service allows us to reach the place of need quickly and start treatment in the ambulance itself without wasting time. There is no need to fear if you go to any city and suddenly get sick. From the hospital where they always show their residence, the patient's medical history will be received at the hospital in moments. With the help of robotic hands, doctors will be able to perform remote surgeries on patients located far away. Wearable gadgets warn and alert before the actual problem occurs.

Education, Employment: One estimate is that by 2030, the largest company on the Internet, if anything, will belong to the education sector. Education can be affected in many ways. Students can study different courses simultaneously. Interactive virtual training is possible in many professions.


The entire agriculture sector can be digitized from the stage of planting seeds in the field to the time it becomes food on our plate. Sensors play a vital role everywhere. They monitor the drainage system, pest management, harvesting... everything. The use of artificial intelligence machines will increase. All the agricultural products come out packed with the expiry date.

Banking and Insurance

Using cash and going to the bank will be a thing of the past. There may not be any need for actual bank offices. Insurance estimates and payments are made easy. In case of any accident, the drones will go there within seconds to assess the damage and ensure that compensation payments are made from time to time.


Productivity will increase exponentially with the use of the Internet of Things in industries. Automated scheduling of various stages of manufacturing can be done with the help of artificial intelligence. This increases the efficiency by two to four times. The emission of carbon dioxide also decreases.


Whether you go online or go to the mall, there is bound to be some irritation when you do all the shopping and come near the billing. As 5G usage increases, short voice commands will do the trick. Shopping remains a pleasant experience.


Full body scanning holograph becomes the digital identity (identity card) of individuals. Then everything does not have the scope of Aadhaar, PAN, etc. verifications. All tasks are easily completed.


Just listening to the Metaverse will forever be experienced. It can be used in shopping, social media, and online meetings. Stay close to home and attend your grandchild's graduation ceremony in America. You can sit on a bed chair on the veranda and see the Aarti in the Shirdi temple with your own eyes. Unlike videos, Metaverse is unique that it gives you the experience of being there and watching it live.


The use and maintenance of electric vehicles will be easier. Charging stations can be connected to vehicles. It is also possible to drive cars without a driver.

Super App

Until now, we have had to install many apps on the phone due to having to use one app for each task. Even if super apps are made that provide multiple services in one place, the data speed is not supported. With 5G, that pain will be removed. Things can be done easily with Superhip.

Smart Cities

Efforts are underway to convert some cities into smart cities. 5G connectivity will make it easier to manage electricity, water supply, street lights, traffic, drainage, flood drains, etc. in such cities.

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