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Papaya nutrition facts and health benefits

papaya nutrition facts

Papaya is a tasty and flavorful tropical fruit. It not only to eat and also using in recipes. Most of the people giving the preference for it eat. It has a great color combination of red and yellow color. It contains black seeds inside of the fruit.

Nutrition facts

In amount of 100 g

Energy 38 kcal

Fat 0.1 g

Fiber 2 g

Iron 0.5 mg

Protein 0.6 g

Sugar 7.8 g

Sodium 8 mg

Calcium 17 mg

Carotene 666 µg

Carbohydrates 7.2 g

Cholesterol 0

Vitamin A 950 IU

Vitamin C 60.1 mg

Vitamin E 0.30 mg

Vitamin K 2.6 µg

Health Benefits


Eating papaya improves digestion. It contains the enzyme papain. This papain helps digestion to function properly. Some people eat papaya when not properly digested after eating meat or suffer from indigestion. Papaya is high in fiber content and water content. It helps in improving digestion. Increases intestinal motility and regulates bowel movements.

Protect the eyes

We know that regular consumption of carrots can improve eyesight. But papaya fruit also helps in protecting vision. Vitamin A is present in it. Studies show that the beta carotene in papaya is three times more than the beta carotene in tomato or carrot. Eyesight slows down with age due to degeneration. Papaya contains zeaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant that protects eyesight. It helps protect retinal cells from injury, filters UV rays, and prevents age-related macular degeneration.


Papaya contains a combination of vitamins A, C, and E which are potent antioxidants that are effective in fighting free radicals and cause of cancer cells. Beta-carotene in papaya has been shown in a study to protect against prostate cancer. Studies show that the lycopene in it also reduces the risk of cancer.


Vitamin C present in papaya helps to boost immunity. Dinny can cure many diseases. When some people have a fever, the blood cells are inflamed, so if you eat papaya, the platelets increase and the blood cells increase.

Heart diseases

Papaya also adds protection against heart diseases. The fiber, vitamin C, potassium, and antioxidants in papaya help in this. Cholesterol, one of the risk factors for heart disease, is also controlled. Promotes blood flow also.

Bone health

Due to Lack of Vitamin-K bone may take health risk. So consumption of Vitamin-A is good for bone health. It is available in papaya.


Papaya is good for hair. Due to it containing Vitamin-A; it needs for sebum protection. Taking of Vitamin-C it can help in building and maintain collagen, to form structured skin.


It is also useful in beauty. Most of the people use this to make their face beautifully. For this using different face masks with papaya.

Other benefits

  • It increases mother breastfed in taking in the form of curry.

  • If you eat a mix of papaya milk and jaggery, an intestinal worm can be spoiled.

  • Grind papaya leaves very well and adds turmeric powder then apply it on elephantiasis. It gives good result.

  • In England, medicine which is made with papaya using it for contraception.

Papaya leaves

Papaya leaves are good for viral fever. If you take papayas leaves and honey in the form of juice daily two or three times, it can give good result. It increases platelets in our body. Platelets cause for viral fever. Someone took platelets increasing tablets they can't get a good result. If you have to take papaya leaves, it gives good result.

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