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You Tube new CEO Neal Mohan

neal mohan

You Tube new CEO

Popular company social media giant YouTube appointed Indian Neal Mohan as its CEO. After Susan, who worked as YouTube CEO for many years, resigned from her position, Indian-American Neal Mohan was appointed as the CEO of YouTube. Neal Mohan previously served as Senior Vice President of YouTube Ad Product. Many Indians continue to work in global giants. Sundar Pichai is the CEO of the famous search engine Google, Shantanu Narayan is the CEO of Adobe, and Satya Nadella is the CEO of Microsoft.

And Neal Mohan has once again spread the fame of India to the continents. It is known that another Indian, Parag Agarwal, worked as the CEO of social media giant Twitter. Google CEO Sundar Pichai congratulated Neal Mohan who will take over as the new CEO. Susan's OGC services were commended. Susan is said to have prepared an extraordinary team. Sundar Pichai said in his statement that he wants to lead YouTube to great success. Neal Mohan is a graduate of Stanford University. Joined Google in 2008.

Susan OGC, who stepped down as CEO, has a strong connection with the company. He has continued in various positions for the last 25 years in YouTube's parent company, Alphabet. He has been the CEO of YouTube for the past nine years. While resigning from her post, Susan wrote a letter to the employees of the company. He said that he is going to start a new life to focus on family, health, and personal project. He is said to be very interested in the new life. Alphabet founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin praised her services on this occasion. Susan has a special place in the history of Google. She has made the most amazing contributions to products that are used by people everywhere. YouTube has grown tremendously during Susan's tenure as CEO. Many benefits have been provided to the company. Last year, YouTube generated $29.2 billion in advertising revenue. That's more than 10 percent of the parent company Alphabet's revenue. Susan has a very friendly relationship with the new CEO Neal Mohan. Initially, the duo worked together in Google's advertising department.

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