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North Korea reveal about nuclear weapons

nuclear weapons

The world has heard nothing but heard that North Korea has nuclear weapons. Kim Jong Un, the ruler of North Korea, who has been limited to nuclear weapons all these years, has now displayed the destructive weapons himself. He visited the Nuclear Institute of his country and examined the various types of warheads there. The photos were released by KCNA, the official media agency of the US. There are also new types of tactical warheads. It is known that these were designed to target South Korea and have been named Hwasun-31. These images indicate that North Korea has made progress in reducing the size of the warheads to fit in the intercontinental ballistic missiles.

North Korea (North Korean) Dictator Kim (Kim Jong-un)'s announcement made by the world is shocked. Kim released the footage, revealing that they can create tsunamis that can overwhelm enemy ships and cities. North Korea, which announced that it has successfully tested the nuclear-capable underwater drone 'Hail' that can generate a tsunami, has released the footage.

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