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Longest swimming pool in the world

longest swimming pool

You must have seen many swimming pools by now. Indoor and outdoor swimming pools swim from one end to the other without stopping. But in order to work in this swimming pool, you have to raise your hands and say 'not because of us.' Because to reach from one end of the pool to the other, one has to swim a kilometer. A big swimming pool.

Sea water but

The swimming pool is located in a private resort called 'San Alfonso del Mar', one hundred kilometers away from Santiago, the capital of Chile. It is recognized as the largest swimming pool in the world. Sea water flows into this pool located on the beach. The water is filtered and recirculated. The entire system works with the help of computers.

This swimming pool has been built in an area of 60 acres. Its area is 20 times that of an Olympic swimming pool. In summer, the water temperature here is 26 degrees centigrade. 9 degrees warmer than seawater. The water is so clear that even the bottom of 35 meters depth is clearly visible. 28 crore were spent on its construction at that time. It took five years to complete the construction. After the construction of the swimming pool, the number of tourists visiting the resort has increased significantly. It has already entered the Guinness World Record as the largest swimming pool.

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