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How to find hidden cameras at unknown places

cc tv camera

We all know that the news of gym instructors who recorded nude pictures and videos of women coming to the gym through hidden cameras and blackmailed them for money created a sensation recently! But actually, if you act a bit cautious. Finding hidden cameras like this is easy! Let's find out how.

Let's discover hidden cameras like this

If you suspect that hidden cameras are installed, carefully observe the surroundings. If you dig inch by inch, you can find the hidden camera on the first try. These are the places to hide the camera!

  • Smoke detectors

  • Air filter equipment

  • Books, wall decor

  • Electrical outlets, plants

  • Tissue boxes, teddy bears

  • Cushions, table tops, shells

  • Lava Lamps, Digital TV Box, Wall Sockets

  • Hair dryer holders, wall clocks, cloth hooks, pens

  • Holes indoor, ceiling, and doorbell

Some of these cameras have questionable wires or lenses. If unusual power outlets and adapters are found, they should be unplugged. Also, listen to the sounds as soon as you step into the room. The motion sensors of some hidden cameras start working with slight noises.

Turn off the lights and turn on the flashlights

Most hidden cameras have red or green LED lights. In low light, they fade and glow or glow. Car, bedroom, trial room any kind of hidden camera, wired or wireless, can be found by following this method. Follow these tips to find hidden cameras even in the dark.

1. Draw the curtains, turn off the lights and darken the room.

2. Observe whether red and green LED lights are visible.

3. Look around the room with a flashlight and see if any of the lenses are reflective.

WiFi network

More percentage of wireless cameras work with WiFi. So hidden cameras can be discovered by finding out how many devices are connected to the router. If you suspect that there is a hidden camera in the house, log into the admin account and see if any devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi. Usually, hidden cameras are connected under the name 'Unknown Devices' or with fancy names. If they are removed, the cameras will not work. If you don't know the admin account, you need to download the Wi-Fi scanning app. This will show all the devices connected to the same WiFi. A suspicious device can be found by examining them.

With mobile phone

To find the hidden camera, call the person who is suspected of installing it. If there is any hidden camera, it will interfere with the phone call signal. Also, hidden cameras can be detected with the front camera of the phone. But those cameras should not have IR filters. A phone camera like this can detect the infrared lights of hidden cameras.

Behind the trial room mirror

Hidden cameras in fitting rooms, toilets, and bathrooms can be discovered like this.

1. Place the fingernail on the mirror.

2. Observe the distance between the mirror and the finger.

3. If there is a gap between the two, it means that it is an original mirror.

4. If the finger and the mirror are touching each other without a gap, it should be understood that there is a hidden camera hidden behind the mirror.

5. If the mirror is visible from both sides, a hollow sound is heard when tapped with the hand. So look in the mirror.

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