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How to find hidden cameras at unknown places

cc tv camera

We all know that the news of gym instructors who recorded nude pictures and videos of women coming to the gym through hidden cameras and blackmailed them for money created a sensation recently! But actually, if you act a bit cautious. Finding hidden cameras like this is easy! Let's find out how.

Let's discover hidden cameras like this

If you suspect that hidden cameras are installed, carefully observe the surroundings. If you dig inch by inch, you can find the hidden camera on the first try. These are the places to hide the camera!

  • Smoke detectors

  • Air filter equipment

  • Books, wall decor

  • Electrical outlets, plants

  • Tissue boxes, teddy bears

  • Cushions, table tops, shells

  • Lava Lamps, Digital TV Box, Wall Sockets

  • Hair dryer holders, wall clocks, cloth hooks, pens

  • Holes indoor, ceiling, and doorbell