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Healthy food for pregnant women

food for pregnant women

Whatever a pregnant woman eats or drinks, the fetus eats like a drunk. Inhale whatever is like the fetus breathing. All the nutrients and oxygen in the mother's blood reach the fetus through the placenta and umbilical cord. They play a vital role in the growth of the fetus. So pregnant women need to eat a balanced diet. What is a balanced diet? Please provide the required nutrients in their respective proportions.

How do you want to measure and eat these? It is okay to fill the platter with rainbow colors. White with things like rice, curd, eggs, and fish. Red with things like tomato, carrot, beetroot, apple, and meat. Green with vegetables like banana, mango, and papaya. If you decorate the platter with all the above colors, all nutrients get equal. It is also important to divide the teeth into three parts. Make sure to have vegetables and fruits up to half. Should divide the other half into two protective portions for the mother's child. One aspect of rice should take carbohydrates with whole grains like little finger millets (ragulu) and pearl millets (sajjalu). Do not exceed 250-300 grams of these.

While the calories in the starch are energy, the proteins help build the body. On the other hand, it should ensure that protein materials like meat, fish, milk, pulses, eggs, and greens and fruits provide essential vitamins and minerals like folic acid and iron. Should take these according to body condition, age, and pregnancy period.

Need extra food

Many pregnant women think that they can eat anything and as much as they want. It is said to eat for two, not for one. The above words are not entirely true. Pregnant women need 2050 calories per day. In the first trimester, a regular diet is sufficient. No need to eat extra. Should increase the amount of food from four to five months. The fetus is fully grown in the last trimester. There is no space in the stomach. Then reduce the amount of rice and increase the amount of meat, pulses, milk, and curd. Eat less and more frequently. With this, the food is digestive properly. And nutrients are highly concentrated.