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Best delicious vegetarian Kebab recipes

Kebabs are known as non-veg fragrances. But once you eat Veg Kebabs, you cannot help but fall in love with their taste. Green Peas Kebabs, Dahi Kebabs, Sabudana(sago) Kebabs, and Paneer Kebabs belong to this. This time celebrate the flavors of Veg Kebabs.

Paneer Anaradna Kebab

paneer kebab

Required Ingredients

Paneer – 500 grams,

Capsicum - two,

Tomato - two,

Oil – three tablespoons,

Chat masala- one teaspoon,

Hung Yogurt – half a cup,

Ginger garlic paste- two teaspoons,

Kashmiri chili – half teaspoon,

Turmeric - a pinch,

Garam masala- half teaspoon,

Pomegranate seed(dried) powder – two teaspoons,

Cream - two tablespoons,