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Best prison for divorce seeking couple

divorce prison

It is enough to keep the wife and husband in that house for two weeks. After coming out, they say that we don't want a divorce we will be together for the rest of our lives. Even if couples are not going smoothly with daily quarrels, all the quarrels will be settled here. Where is that house? What makes it special?

There is a small village in Romania called Beerjan. There is a church in that village. Near that church, there is a small house known as 'Marital Prison' Couples who want to separate from conflicts and frequent fights meet the bishop there and ask him to give us a divorce. But he leaves them in the house on the church premises and watches from outside. The couple is kept inside for two to six weeks without coming out. After coming out of it, they are surprised and say that there is no divorce, we are together and there is no conflict between us. In the last 300 years, many couples have moved into this house, but only one couple got divorced. One can understand what is great about 'Marital Prison'.

All should be shared

The 'Marital Prison' is on a hill not far from the church. Even if it is an independent house, there is only one room. It consists of a chair, a table, and a bed. There is only one pillow and one blanket. The plate and spoon are also the same. Those who go into it have to share everything. Food can be difficult to prepare. That's why the couple who went into that house decided to go out and be together rather than stay in this prison (even if it was a room). Usually, the main reason why a husband and wife quarrel and want to separate is the lack of love between them. If there is a fear of living, two people who are caught in difficult situations will come together. Because such a situation occurs. Usually, they don't want a divorce, said the local bishops. That's why the locals call it 'marital prison' Some couples get together within two weeks, while others take six weeks, says the local bishop. All such people cannot help but change their decision after experiencing this prison life. But this prison has become a museum now.

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