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The 95th ceremony of Oscar award winners

The 95th ceremony of the world's greatest Oscar Awards was held in Los Angeles on Monday. India has won two Oscars in these awards. One of them is the song 'Natu Natu' from the RRR movie directed by top director Rajamouli in Telugu won the Oscar award in the original song category. The second one, 'The Elephant Whisperers' was the first Indian film to win an Oscar in the Best Documentary Short Film category. This is a film based on the story of a couple who took care of orphaned elephants. Karthiki Gonsalves, the director of this short film, and Gunith Monga, the producer, came on stage and received the award.

The live performance of the song 'Natu Natu', which has taken everyone from all corners of the world, got up and applauded like the audience in the Dolby theater. Later, famous director MM Keeravani who composed the music for this song, and Chandra Bose who wrote the song came on stage and received the Oscar award. With this, the entire country of India was drowned in happiness. Especially in the Telugu cine industry, everyone's heart was filled with unimaginable happiness. Everyone in the Telugu industry hailed it as a great thing for a Telugu film to win this award for the first time.

Natu Natu song from the Telugu movie 'RRR' is a hit in many theaters around the world. Moreover, it became the first song nominated by the Indian film industry. Singers Kalabhairava and Rahul Sipliganj performed this song on the Oscar stage, while a foreign dance troupe performed steps to the song.