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Healthy halwa recipes in the winter season

Halwa is a food that makes the winter kitchen lively. A natural immune booster. If nutrients are added to this dish, both taste and health can be acquired. Ghee, nuts, and fruits that flavor Halwa is all rich in good fats. They help in removing the sores and infections that occur during the winter period. They increase the speed of metabolism and make them active.

Moong dal Halwa

moong dal halwa


Moong dal – one cup,

Ghee – ten spoons,

Cardamom – four,

Almonds – six (finely chopped),

Raisins – spoon,

Cream milk – cup,

Water – two cups,

Sugar – one and a half cup.

Preparation Method

Soak the moong dal overnight. In the morning add a cup of water to a mixer and grind it finely. Light the stove and add ghee to a non-stick pan. After it gets hot, add the gram flour, put it on low flame, and mix continuously in the middle. Keep it until the raw smell goes away and it becomes soft. Although it feels soft at starting, then it turns into a dry powder and separates from the ghee. Boil the milk, water, and sugar in another vessel while the moong dal is cooking. Put the boiled milk in the fenugreek mixture. Cook again on low flame until the ghee separates. Finally, add almond flakes and fry for two minutes and let it leave from the stove. Now your desired moong dal halwa recipe is ready.

Apple Coconut Halwa

apple coconut halwa


Grated coconut - cup,

Apple - one,

Dry fruits - One cup,

Condensed milk - cup,

Sugar quarter cup,

Ghee - three spoons.

Preparation Method

First, peel the apple and grate it thinly. Otherwise, you have to mash the apple. Now put a thick bowl on the stove and boil it well. Add sugar and apple pulp and cook for ten minutes. Before this mixture comes to a boil, add ghee and fry the dry fruits on another stove. Meanwhile, add grated coconut and cardamom powder to the apple mixture and cook for another five minutes. If you don't want sugar, just add honey at the end. In the end, dry fruits should be sprinkled. It is a good food for instant energy. Now desired coconut apple halwa recipe is ready.

Ash gourd Halwa

Ash gourd halwa


Ash gourd – two cups (peeled and grated),

Ghee – one cup,

Cashews – ten,

Sugar – one cup,

Cardamom powder – half spoon,

Cucumbers seeds – spoon

Preparation Method

Grate the pumpkin and wrap it in a cotton cloth to drain the excess water. Now take a thick-bottomed bowl, add ghee, roast the cashews and keep it aside. In the same ghee, grate the gray pumpkin and roast it for five or six minutes. Then add sugar and cardamom powder and cook by stirring it with a spatula. The halwa reaches the center of the pan and forms a lump. Then sprinkle fried cashews and cucumbers. Ash gourd halwa recipe is done.

Dates Halwa

dates halwa


Dates – two cups,

Coconut milk – one cup,

Milk – two cups,

Ghee – two tablespoons,

Almonds – ten.

Preparation Method

Cut the dates into small pieces and soak them in water. Grind them finely for a while. Now in a thick and wide vessel, mix the date mixture, coconut milk, and milk until it thickens. This will take six minutes. Then add ghee and almond flakes to it. Then take it off the stove and let it cool and serve. Good medicine for those suffering from anemia, and the taste is amazing. Dates halwa recipe is done.

China Grass Halwa

china grass halwa


China grass – 10 g,

Milk – six liter,

Sugar – half cup,

Almonds – quarter cup,

Cardamom powder – quarter spoon,

Ghee – little,

Chopped dry fruits – one spoon.

Preparation Method

China grass should be soaked in water for ten minutes. Put a thick bowl on the stove and pour milk and let it boil. In this add almond flakes along with the sugar. The bottom should be joined without sticking. Do this until the mixture is close. Then add cardamom powder and crushed china grass and cook on low flame for another five minutes. If china grass is not available then agar agar can also be used. Now put some ghee in a bowl and pour the cooled mixture into it. Add pieces of dry fruit on top and refrigerate for 4-5 hours. Prepare chilled china grass halwa by cutting the hardened mixture into pieces. If food color is added to it, it will look good. The nutritional value is also immense. China grass halwa recipe is done.

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