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14 Best foods for skin repair

Skincare should be considered in winter because the skin is often dry with changes in weather. Not only with ointments and creams, but also with the food we eat, we can provide the necessary nutrition. Let's see what is that.

1. Almonds

almonds for skin repair

These are called superfoods and can be easily included in our diet. The nutrients in these pulses keep the skin moisturized without drying it out. Taking these regularly will keep nails, skin, and hair healthy. Rich in vitamins, it prevents aging and nourishes the skin.

2. Carrot


Vitamin C is one of the things that keep the skin healthy. It is best in carrots. It stimulates collagen production and makes the skin elastic. Eating these regularly improves skin tone. Also, lines and blackness are reduced. If we drink a glass of carrot juice every day we can notice a difference in the color of our skin. The presence of vitamin A in carrots helps in improving eyesight. It helps in keeping the skin healthy by providing protection from UV rays.